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UK Event: Return to Middle Earth [Dec. 16th, 2010|07:59 pm]



Showmasters have started organising this event for 11th - 13th Nov 2011 in Nothampton England.

They are reminising that it is almost 10 years from the release of the first film and say that Collectormania 4 in Milton Keynes was a landmark for them - they remember the euphoria and excitement (I was there!).

Tickets are on sale on the showmaster forum page: http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showforum=238

They are trying to get as many of  the actors to attend the reunion but even if they don't manage Frodo himself it still look loads of fun e.g Friday night party themes: Bilbo's Birthday, Aragorns Coronation, Eye of Sauron


[User Picture]From: lips_and_rouge
2010-12-18 02:40 pm (UTC)
Because it's almost a year away I think I can afford a standard ticket in a few months and save the rest for hotel and travel. If it was next month I would not be going.
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