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Fantastic Fest report

I couldn’t even tell you what I saw the next day since it was so many films and the schedule was just so insane. But the events that mattered to me were The Fantastic Feud where American journalists and film makers battle in a quiz against journalists and film makers from around the world. There were broken bottles, film maker Nacho Vigalando getting drunk and humping myself and a few other people, along with Team League getting completely wasted, and Elijah Wood throwing ice at the audience and laptops. I’ve never seen so much chaos. It’s amazing how Scott Weinberg kept it together.

I also got to talk to Elijah Wood on a few occasions. The guy is really cool. We got along very well. Talked about what films we were seeing, how life is in LA and how much more he likes Austin. He’s an incredibly short man, but very generous with his time and very talkative. On the last day I was leaving and he went out of his way to come up to me and say good bye. We shook hands and spoke for a while. It was just too cool. He’s such a nice guy.


I also go to meet with Jeff Fahey who is Frank Lapidus on LOST. His publicist said she loves me. I was kinda sick so I didn’t shake his hands. She really loved that. I did the same for Elijah when I met him and he really appreciated that. I think that’s why he and I clicked so well.
Domlijah Comic Con

New Elijah video out there...somewhere...

EXCLUSIVE: Elijah Wood spotted running to car after making purchase at local liquor store, CA

Unfortunately the video was posted on a site that's just for media and all I get is this message:

The description and the preview of this clip are reserved to Media Professionals. Sign in or Register to access!
Wed 01 Sep 2010, 17:16 GMT

Maybe someone else will have more luck finding this video!:)
Domlijah Comic Con

Was Elijah the DJ at the wedding?

According to this, he was:

Elijah Wood was decked out in a black suit with black Converse sneakers and blue sunglasses while arriving at Anna Paquin’s wedding with his girlfriend. Elijah also carried large black headphones and had a few white MAC computer cords. Elijah was rumored to have DJ’d the after-party for the wedding. He also had a laugh while gazing into the sky and viewing a couple of noisy paparazzi helicopters circling the wedding. We wonder if all this wedding fun tempted Elijah to have a wedding of his own soon???

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It's beyond me how anyone would get the idea she was his girlfriend from how they interact in these pics. Another move from PR seeing how he hasn't been seen with a woman in at least 8 months now?