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Oxford Murders review written by a Hobbit slasher


Also Elijah Wood was either miscast as Martin, or should have never had these passionate sex scenes with the buxom Lorna, played Leonor Watling. I still have trouble seeing the Actor Wood as the romantic leading man, especially if he and his lover are romping around semi-nude. It must be just me, but I still more than vaguely see Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins. I suppose I subconsciously feel that the only chick I want see Frodo with is another hobbit …uh, Hobbit chick.
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New co-star for "Wilfred" casted

Andrea Savage joins FX sitcom 'Wilfred'
Andrea Savage has joined the cast of upcoming FX comedy Wilfred.

The new show - a remake of the hit Australian comedy - will star Elijah Wood as a man who discovers that his new girlfriend's dog Wilfred can appear to him in human form.

Variety reports that Savage will play the girlfriend, while series creator Jason Gann will reprise his role of Wilfred from the Australian version of the show.

The actress previously starred in Comedy Central series Dog Bites Man and will next be seen in Steve Carell film Dinner For Schmucks.

Wilfred is being adapted for US television by Family Guy producer David Zuckerman.

Girlfriend as in Elijah's girlfriend?
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A strange thread regarding Elijah Wood's sex life

This showed up in my google alerts today and it totally gave me the lulz! I am sure some people here will really love this;)

Date Posted: 8/10/2010 12:44:PM

I couldn't make this up if I tried.. just was told this last night.

Basically, a friend of mine was at a gay bar in downtown Vancouver this past weekend. Elijah Wood was also there. My friend, who is gay (derp) proceeded to hit on Elijah Wood.

After about a half hour of flirting, Elijah Wood outright asks if my friend would like to go back to his hotel room and take a **** on his chest. Seriously.

I know that Elijah was rumored to be gay, but this is just... wtf. Also, I have no reason to believe this is made up, but take it as you will.

sorry if this ruins your love of LOTR.

Now we all know Elijah was in LA this last weekend but it's still funny. Especially if you go to the source and read some of the comments;)
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Elijah's co-star for Wilfred casted

Two Comedy Pilots Land Leads

EXCLUSIVE: Fiona Gubelmann has landed the female lead opposite Jason Gann and Elijah Wood lead in FX’s comedy pilot Wilfred, while Malcolm-Jamal Warner has been tapped for the male lead opposite Tracee Ellis Ross in the BET comedy pilot Reed Between the Lines.

Based on the Australian series of the same name, Wilfred revolves around a guy, Ryan (Wood), the girl next door/potential love interest (Gubelmann), and her mixed-breed dog Wilfred (Gann).
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Billy quote about Elijah

Billy gave an interview recently in which he also mentioned Elijah:

Perhaps surprisingly, given that Boyd has recently spent a year in Los Angeles, with partner Ali and their four-year-old son, Jack, he says he needs to come home.

“When I was living in Santa Monica, Elijah lived round the corner in Santa Monica and I saw him all the time. And I’m still really close to Dom too. But I feel this huge connection to where I’ve grown up. It’s family, familiarity, whatever. And if you move abroad you have to think about the big chunks of time when you’re not working, what to do with yourself. I like it here at home, just walking round the park.”

Just love to hear about the hobbits spending time together:) Though I am not sure about Elijah living in Santa Monica, Billy!;)

Question....Elijah and Heath Ledger?

I've heard from a couple people that Elijah was supposedly friends with Heath Ledger, but I haven't been able to find any pictures of them together, reports of them being seen together, or any mention anywhere that they had anything to do with each other.

Can anyone shed any light on whether they knew each other or not?