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elijah_central's Journal

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This community is to share news, photos, articles etc. about Elijah Wood. People who wish to discuss him without any restrictions or fear of being bashed, who are willing to share their opinion (no matter if positive or negative) are very welcome.

Rules and info:

- Anyone who's a member can make posts.
- Discussions, speculating and gossip are allowed and very much welcome. Just remember to keep it mature and don't bash others who disagree with you.
- No personal attacks. The purpose of this com is to create a place where people can express and share different views and opinions. You may criticise and you may gush. Just accept that some people might disagree with you, no matter what your opinion is.
- Any content is allowed. Post photos or whatever you want to be discussed. Also older stuff is allowed.
- Don't claim you know facts, unless you have solid proof to back it up.
- Don't be afraid to express your honest opinion. Nobody will be warned or even kicked out if they say something negative about Elijah or the people he's with unless that person acts rude and offensive towards other members.
- This com values freedom of speech.
-Further posts about wank situations won't be allowed...If people feel hurt about anyone saying something about this comm, they can post about it in their own private journal, but not in this comm!